Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Experiment 626

I couldn't access my blog tonight, but I really needed to share this particular story.

Tonight I came up with an original fictional tale to help my students memorize the vocabulary that they needed to start speaking English. I've been an English teacher for the past 3 months and so far, I think that most of the students (ages 8 to 21) find it really difficult to complete boring exercises and memorize the vocabulary by learning words by heart. I'm trying to come up with a method that will help them learn the words without the tedious routines of repetition.
Sorry to say, my students are gonna be sort of lab rats (no offense!) in my experiment. Don't judge me though, I still continue following the program of Longman Pearson Publishing books ;)

However, I'd like to get some comments on the story, it's for the adults though, since they need this kind of vocabulary more. Teaching spoken English is a new challenge, though I want to think that I've mastered it myself, I need to pass on the knowledge to others. lol

All comments are greatly appreciated! Especially if you find any mistakes (God forbid!lol)  Feel free to express yourself.
By the way, the story is fictional; I just want to try out this method and see if it is of any use.

      I don’t feel like going over this story again in my head, but let me tell you about it anyways. Once I was talked into going to the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, because my friend thought I was having a real problem staying sober day in and day out. I never suffered from being dependent on alcohol, to tell you the truth I was actually enjoying it! Needless to say, that the meeting took place one freezing evening in January, I didn’t fancy going there at first, but I had nothing better to do anyways, so I decided to give it a shot.
     Alrighty, so here it goes... I enter the room, take off my jacket and hang it on the hanger right next to the door. I know nothing about what is going to happen. I take a sit and start looking around. On the right, there’s an obese middle-aged guy with cool shades (sunglasses) on his Greek nose; breathing heavily, he sweats a lot and I can already feel the particular smell of a fat guy in distress. On the left, a skinny chick, in her early twenties. One would think “What the heck is she doing here?”, but we all have skeletons in our closets and I think this lady is gonna make hers be shown in a few!
I’m a little worried actually, I might be wrong, but it’s getting really creepy. I can’t believe my friend could even make me do this... I just want to get out and never come back.. The time is up. The meeting is getting started...Here I go.. Ready or not.. My throat is dry, but I manage to mumble the following line: “Hi, my name is Dorian and I’m an alcoholic”..I almost faint (probably from the lack of the alcohol in my system tonight), but I hear the unanimous “HI Dorian!”...
                                                 to be continued....